Jackie is Awesome! She was in Lyon on a pass by trip and she did a free yoga session with myself and 8 other people. We got a lot of attention from pass byer’s….I guess they were intrigued by our yoga actions. Jackie is very loving and helpful and such a patient teacher. I wish we could have spent more time together rather than 1hr but that 1 hr was enough to show me how sweet of a person Jackie is….we giggled at times when i’d tumble over feom doing a yoga move and Jackie would reassure me that everything is fine and that we all drop when doing yoga. I enjoyed the hour I spent with her doing Yoga in Parc de la tête D’or. This will be a day to remember. I joined her organised Yoga class one hour before it was to begin. I don’t regret going to her session and no one advertises yoga for free….I say, you should make sure you set a time to meet up with Jackie. She’s a star in the making! One hour is never enough fun but it was enough to experience the amazingness of human kind.
— Camille Hunnigan
I had always been curious to try yoga, but the right opportunity never presented itself until Jackie offered to teach five free classes during her stay in Ramallah. With every class, I became more and more convinced of the benefits of doing yoga and always went home feeling refreshed and relaxed. Jackie has the ability to make everyone in her class feel comfortable and her passion for yoga rubs off on all of her students.
–Lien Anne
In December of 2013 I told Jackie how I was intimidated by yoga and was uncertain of its benefits. The next week, I had my first one-on- one session with her and I haven’t looked back since! Jackie has an innate ability to make each student perfectly comfortable and celebrate their body. Four months later, I haven’t quit and am getting stronger & flexible day-by-day, week-by-week. All thanks to my wonderful teacher, Jackie!
–Rafia Usmani
Under Jackie’s enthusiastic and encouraging instruction, I was able to reach new depths in my yoga practice, with an improved technique, strength, and flexibility. It was under her tutelage that I was able to move into more advanced inversions. Further, Jackie was able to make each class enjoyable and different by introducing new poses, flowing sequences, and opportunities for growth. She brought a calming and happy tone to her classes, and making the time to assist and encourage each individual participant’s own needs for their practice. After one particularly glorious class, I was in such a calm state that I walked almost two blocks home before I realized that I wasn’t wearing my glasses.
–Lindsay Carter
Jackie’s guidance is flexible, strong, and balanced – just like the amazing yogi she is! Her harmonious instruction is individualized and holistic helping her students push themselves into new places. During my small-group, class, and individual practices with her over the past six months I’ve gone from a beginner to advanced yogi accomplishing things with my breath, body, and mind, that I would have never thought possible.
–Sarah Ellison

3 thoughts on “Testimonials

  1. The first time for me to practice Yoga in a group was in Ramallah , with Jackie Sue Powell, As a yoga lover i knew new conceptions of being tranquil among a group , and i was very happy to host her in my village in Nablus, Jackie is very brave, she came to my country during hard situation to bring us inner peace, and teach us how to achieve it ! rare are those who care for Yoga, ignoring the major benefits of it ! but announcing for public to attend her classes for free that was very generous and noble! thank you very much, hope we meet again !

  2. With Jackie I had my first experience practicing yoga in my life. I just can say it was wonderful. Despite of my horrible balance and rusted body, I learnt the main basis of yoga and could find my own spiritual relax. But the best is that she inspired me to continue practicing yoga. After three fantastic lessons in Madrid I just can say Thank so much for showing me this wonderful phisic and mental activity. Hope we can meet any other time.

  3. Though I have not had the great pleasure of practicing yoga with Jackie yet, I have known her for about 7 years now, and what I CAN speak to is the light that she shines to this world. She is a deeply caring, optimistic and fun-loving spirit, with a wisdom and insight that seem more fitting for someone well beyond her years. Her love of discovery–both of the world beyond and personally inward–is perfectly suited for the introspective and outpouring that is yoga.

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