Washington, DC Yoga Co-op


To many outsiders Washington, DC seems like a place of government employees, business suits, and networking happy hours. However, when you dig a little deeper you can find communities of people who seek to break the mold to create authentic community. Yoga Co-op DC (YCDC) is one such community. It is a non-profit group founded in March 2013 that brings yogis together for practice outside of the existing studio model. YCDC meets to practice yoga once per week on Sundays at 3pm when many yoga studios don’t offer classes.

The co-op model is unique and benefits everyone involved. The donation-based class caters to intermediate and advanced yogis looking to experience different styles of yoga by featuring well-known and up-and-coming yoga teachers on a revolving basis. The classes range from Kundalini to Forrest to Iyengar with the largest class to date led by David Kyle from It’s Yoga Puerto Rico attracting 134 students. To encourage community off the mat, there is always thirty minutes after the YCDC class and before the studio’s next class for students to mingle and make friends.

The guest teachers also benefit from the model because they are introduced to a broader audience outside of the studio clientele and have the opportunity to play outside the studio rules. The teachers get paid as the donations are divided to pay for the teacher’s time and studio space. The studios see value in hosting such a class because they attract more students by showcasing their top teachers while growing a strong yoga community in DC.

Yoga Co-op DC reminds students and teachers that yoga can join us both on and off the mat. At any YCDC class you will experience new strengths both in your personal practice and community. To learn more about YCDC contact: Zhenya “Gene” Valenrod at gene.valenrod@gmail.com