Meditate like Emma Watson

Recently my friend Mirjam invited me to celebrate her birthday with 14 of her closest friends in a 200 year old French Manor in Lure, France. The weekend was filled with explorations, good food and wine, and yoga of course!

Weekend getaway to Lure, France for Mirjam's birthday!

Weekend getaway to Lure, France for Mirjam’s birthday!

Mirjam also writes for the Swiss newspaper Tages Anzeiger. Recently she wrote an article titled Meditate like Emma Watson. Mirjam included a quote from me in the article describing mindful sharing! For those of us who don’t read German, I was quoted saying ” Mindful sharing is different from retelling a story because you try to observe what happened objectively.”

I mentioned this article to a yogi friend who asked me what I meant by “mindful sharing”. I thought that was a funny question because most yogis I know live in a constant state of mindful sharing. Our practice humbles us to accept what we cannot change– a way of thinking that influences our everyday relationships and communication.

After a birthday weekend of fun, we relaxed & stretched before returning to Zurich.

After a birthday weekend of fun, we relaxed & stretched before returning to Zurich.


A moment of reflection in La Colline Notre-Dame du Haut bulit by Swiss architect Le Corbusier.

Happy Birthday Mirjam and thanks for my second quote in Tages Anzeiger!

(The first one advised people to not wear pajamas during Skype interviews!)

Yoga = Joining together

Fear. We learn a lot about it in our yoga practices.  And then because of our practice we realize how it manifests in our lives.

Sometimes what I most fear is attempting what I know can be done.

Recently, my fear was gathering people to practice. How do I get a group of yogis together in a city where I´m only passing through? I had an idea from day one, but it took me nearly two months to overcome the fear of failure to give it a try.


Couchsurfing has been my travel companion since 2007. It now has a function that allows users to create events and gather people together. Arriving in Madrid with language confidence and more time for social media, I created the event. To my surprise, I taught two classes with fourteen students in each on my birthday weekend!


The practices in the park were beautiful because they brought together people from all corners of the world: Bolivia, Malaysia, France, Spain, Turkey, Ireland, Germany, Suriname…the list continues.

We all practice yoga for various reasons. For me, yoga gives me a sense of peace and calmness. I became a teacher to share this tranquility with others and ideally, globally. By bringing cultures together to share in a practice of the mind, body, and breath is by one of the many definitions of yoga or “joining together.”  I´m so grateful to have replaced a fear with a stunning, global yoga community in Madrid.