Testimonial: Sarah Ellison

Jackie’s guidance is flexible, strong, and balanced – just like the amazing yogi she is! Her harmonious instruction is individualized and holistic helping her students push themselves into new places. During my small-group, class, and individual practices with her over the past six months I’ve gone from a beginner to advanced yogi accomplishing things with my breath, body, and mind, that I would have never thought possible.

–Sarah Ellison

Testimonial: Lindsay Carter

Under Jackie’s enthusiastic and encouraging instruction, I was able to reach new depths in my yoga practice, with an improved technique, strength, and flexibility.  It was under her tutelage that I was able to move into more advanced inversions.  Further, Jackie was able to make each class enjoyable and different by introducing new poses, flowing sequences, and opportunities for growth.  She brought a calming and happy tone to her classes, and making the time to assist and encourage each individual participant’s own needs for their practice. After one particularly glorious class, I was in such a calm state that I walked almost two blocks home before I realized that I wasn’t wearing my glasses.

–Lindsay Carter

Testimonial: Rafia Usmani

In December of 2013 I told Jackie how I was intimidated by yoga and was uncertain of its benefits. The next week, I had my first one-on-one session with her and I haven’t looked back since! Jackie has an innate ability to make each student perfectly comfortable and celebrate their body. Four months later, I haven’t quit and am getting stronger & flexible day-by-day, week-by-week. All thanks to my wonderful teacher, Jackie!
–Rafia Usmani